LGBT Romance Author

Tina Blenke

Author's Corner

After looking at my To-Write pile, I'm wondering if there's enough coffee in the world to get me through this! Anyway, find me on social media all day every day. You can also find me doing work for Rhode Island Pride because we can't give enough back to our communities. Happy Reading ~ Tina

Con Man (Conventional Love Two)

I'm currently working on the sequel to Lit By Love. Actually, I started working on this novel first but the opportunity came to write a short story based in Denver for the GayRomanceLit conference and I took a break from Con Man to write the prequel which became Lit By Love.  Derek and Tyler make an appearance at the conference along with a slew of new characters. If you love going to GRL-type cons, you'll love this new book. Some of the playlists I'm using on Pandora are Classical Goes Pop Station and Top Hip-Hop Station. Now if only I could settle on a true title and main character names. That's always a hard part for me.

Paranormal Young Adult

Another series I'm working on is a YA series set in high school and I'm working with a local artist to create a comic. This collaboration has me excited and once we have the first novel or two started, we'll decide how best to market and publish. This should be fun and creative and I'm looking forward to sharing this with you. There isn't a title as of yet or even a series name. Typical me.

Writing Prompt

This new novel has me nearly in tears. It's a contemporary story that takes place in the same universe as the Midwest Romance Collection but these characters are younger since they're just starting university. It was started before Con Man but I lost a majority of the manuscript when my computer had issues - thus the tears. I'm hoping to start it up again after Con Man is submitted and share it soon after. The Pandora playlist for this novel is Oasis.

Shifting Balance (Shifting Paradigm Book 4)

You didn't think I was done with this series, did you? There are about four or five more in the series bouncing around in my head. I'm getting there but so far this short is about 2/3 done. We continue with the rising violence between the Changeless and the Shifters but with the current violence of our country, I had to take a break from the reality. I'll pick it up but it's too much for right now. This series isn't all rainbows and I need to find my silver lining.